Game rules

Lees aandachtig

Game rules

The game

• Minimum age for participation is 14 years. Younger participants permitted under adult supervision and only after consultation with Escape Las Vegas first.
• 4-8 persons allowed per game. For larger groups we offer a great variety of arrangements (see  contact info or visit the website of Pieter Poot through
• People who are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be denied access to the Escape  Room.
• When at the start of the game, an employee of the Escape Room has concerns about the condition  of a participant, the employee has the right to refuse the participant. Consequently, the right to a  refund becomes due.
• You must be present at the exact time of reservation, if not this will be deducted from the game  playing time.
• There is camera surveillance for the safety of the participants. Instructions should always be  followed.
• It is not permitted to use brute force during the game. Any damages will be charged to the  participant(s).
• Access to the Escape Room and playing this game is at your own risk.
• We are not responsible for loss of personal belongings or damage caused to them. Lockers are  made available to stow valuables.



• The delight of playing the Escape Room is preserved when one talks merely about the experience,  but not about the secrets. Consider yourself therefore obliged to secrecy.